Environmentalism and the Old Testament

Bible Verses Relating to Environmentalism

Online Bible: This site provides a free online Bible that allows you to pick the book and verse you are looking for. It is a reliable online source because the material is the same as a hard copy of a New American Bible Revised Edition. For environmentalism, I would pay close attention to Genesis 1-3, 6-9 and Job 24-25.

The Web of Creation: (It may take a while to completely load, but it should eventually). It is maintained by the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago and provides Bible verses and online articles that relate biblical teachings to the way humans should treat the environment. It not only addresses articles that would interest adults, but also provides a link for children. This source also provides introductory information regarding eco-Bibles and other scholarly works. The List of Bible Verses is extremely helpful if you want to find direct substantiation in the Bible to support a given argument about how the environment should be treated and why.


What is Biodiversity: This page helps distinguish the importance of the environment and how each part of it holds a specific role in the overall picture. This site is run by multiple people who have studied the environment and dedicate their lives to make sure we are educated about how we are affecting the world around us.

Biodiversity: Many people are familiar with PBS and its TV shows. However, it also provides a multitude of sources online for a range of viewers, many of which are presented by well-known researchers and professors. For environmentalism, I recommend this video by a professor from Columbia University, but that does not limit you to the other sources you can find with the search bar.

Environmentalism and the Bible

This Scottish Church: This website provides links to different documents that address religion and the environment. More specifically, a lot of the articles are related to the Bible. I would suggest this article in particular, The Tanakh and the Environment, because it addresses the environment in relation to Jewish Tradition.

The Meaning of Dominion: This article discusses the meaning of the human role in accordance with God’s creation found in Genesis. This site is part of The Bible Odyssey, which is a helpful site where you can find articles on anything that relates to the Bible. Whether it is about the historical accuracy of a story or the evaluation of given characters, it provides a researcher with a number of articles to choose from.

What the Bible Says about the Environment: This article discusses the Genesis story and the role humans have with creation. Similar to the link above, it analyzes what it means to be a steward of God as found in the Bible. This site is ideologically-motivated, but this article is written by a professor and makes use of scholarly material.

Religion and the Environment

Religion and the Environment: As stated above, PBS is a great resource for any topic, including religion and the environment. I suggest looking at this page in particular for information regarding how religion can affect your attitude about the environment.

JRI Blog: Although blogs can be tricky in determining if they are reliable, I found this blog to be particularly helpful because it is based on a professionally established charity geared towards the environment and Christian beliefs. It provides other resources the author recommends for reading further about the topic, which provides you with more resources. Most of the other links are religious, so this could help cover religious issues you may be concerned about for your research.

Green Christian: This is strictly a religious organization geared towards the environment. This link should provide you with other resources under the links tab of their website. It provides a number of other links to Christian organizations that help with the environment (go to the links tabs to find more helpful blogs). For example, this article, Do/Should Christians care, helps reason out why Christians need to get involved and how they can do so.

Environmental Ethics: This webpage provides a number of different articles and research relating to all types of environmental ethics. It is from the University of San Diego, and has a home page that has links for different ethical theories. It organizes everything for the researcher, so it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for from philosophy to acts passed by governments.

The New Atlantis: This is a journal based on technology and society. However, if you research environmentalism and religion, it brings up many different links and journal articles. I found Environmentalism as Religion helpful because it addresses environmentalism and its relationship to different religions.

Religion, Nature, and Environmentalism: This article shows how environmentalism relates to religion. The broader site, The Encyclopedia of Earth provides a range of articles, definitions, pictures, etc. about the environment. It also has links on the side that relate to more specific topics within the range of ecology and a search bar.


If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation is a speech by Pope Benedict XVI that concentrates on the importance of stewardship and selflessness. This is one of the World Day of Peace speeches given by Pope Benedict XVI (also known as the Green Pope) because they are specifically aimed toward the environment.

This list was compiled by: DMC


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