Adam and Eve

Primary Sources

Genesis 2-3 (NABRE) : When researching Adam and Eve in the Old Testament, the best place to start is the book of Genesis. This is the text of the story in the New American Bible Revised Edition, a Catholic translation of the Bible with notes and cross-references.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church : The Catechism is a summary of Catholic teaching. This online catechism has a search bar, so one can search Adam and Eve.

Scholarly Sources

Tanakh : The Tanakh is a canon of the Hebrew Bible. This website gives you multiple links of scholarly journals from many scholars great input on the readings of Genesis. Scroll down to “Genesis 2-3” for the most applicable sources.

The Theology of Sexuality in the Beginning: Genesis 1-2 : This article analyzes Genesis 1-2 in light of what it says about sexuality.

What Does Eve Do to Help? : In this article, the author, biblical scholar David Clines, looks at the story with a feminist view and interprets the ways that Eve plays a significant role in shaping humanity.

Genesis 1-3 and the Male/Female Role Relationship : This article analyzes the story from an anti-feminist perspective and discusses the application of the roles of Adam and Eve today.

The Principles of Interpreting Genesis 1 and 2 : The site that is given is actually a pdf file written by Allan A. McRae who was the President of Faith and Theological seminary and at The West Minister Theological Seminary.

For Fun

The Brick Testament : This is an odd but quite entertaining website. The author of the site depicts Adam and Eve through Legos. The author is not religious.

This list was compiled by: Theology Student MW


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